About Samantha Barnes

I make my work to lift spirits.   I enjoy painting everyday things in that simply make us feel better.  My hope is for those who live with a piece of my work on their wall, catch glimpses of them as they go about  daily lives - and feel better for doing so.  It's the thought of this daily interaction that drives me to my studio everyday and make new work.

I try to add in a little part of our repeated daily patterns in each of my paintings. Routine is a big theme for me.

I studied Art at Winchester  School of Art, Then Edinburgh College of Art where I achieved a 2:1 Ba in Printed Textiles and Illustration.  From there on, alongside the essential jobs to pay the bills, which included working in The V&A Bookshop, Cleaning and even a stint in bulb packing factory to pay the bills.  

From 1995 I worked in art studios in Clapham Common where I worked, feast or famine for five years before opening my own art gallery called The Pond, which was situated opposite the children's pond on the Pavement.  It was a wonderful period of my life and I learnt much about working and selling other artist's work.   

We took stands at The Affordable Art Fairs among others and by the time I left, we were regularly selling over 80 artists work.

In 2004 I became a family girl..  Alongside spooning in baby food and doing all the things essential to keeping our babies warm, fed and happy (a very tough assignment) I wasn't so much painting, more grabbing a few precious single minutes in which I could draw quick sketches  - I found it all painfully slow in the minute by minute - but now it turns out that those years whizzed by and those drawings are my now my most treasured items - along with my children of course!

As the children grew, I gained time and began to paint again.  I began to take part in various Open Studios and local events - once again selling my work regularly.  

In 2013,We moved to Suffolk in and a new stage of creativity began.  I moved into a beautiful studio, The Art Retreat, where we run workshops and art events regularly.   The ideas keep coming and, with a renewed lease of love for making my work, things are going well.

I hope you enjoy your visit and thank you for reading.  

Samantha Barnes.  2017

Samantha Barnes Artist Profile Shot Mid.jpeg
When I see one of Sam’s artworks, it gives me the same feeling that I get when I see one of my children doing something lovely.
— Debs 2015
Samantha Barnes is an artist and a family girl - it’s the wonderful jumbling up of all these responsibilities that make her work so enjoyable
— Angela 2017