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Are you looking to buy some lovely artwork for yourself or as a gift?  I know it can be a daunting process.  I've made a promise to use my blog more to bring you interesting and informative posts about purchasing artwork from artists directly, supporting those whose work you love and even encouraging you to take up some creativity yourself.  

A once gallery owner myself, I understand the process of making work - from initial thought & sketches, to easel, and finally into someone’s home.  The sparkle dust throughout the various stages is simple – do I love what I’m making?  If not you won't be seeing it here on my website.

I’m an artist that makes paintings, drawings & prints directly from my tummy, not my head.

A practicing artist for over 20 years, I learned my trade at Edinburgh College of Art in the early 90’s and since have worked in various studios in London, Hampshire & now Suffolk with short stints of time in America & New Zealand.

I live in Suffolk with my family and Barney the dog - who really should be better behaved.

Below you can read about my studio - The Art Retreat.

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Welcome to The Art Retreat, my studio.

I named it so because that's really what it is.  A creative retreat where I listen to Radio 4 and lose myself daily in making art work.  That's a good day, on a bad day it's where I sit for hours contemplating and waiting for the sparkle dust to appear.  

In 2014, shortly after moving to Woodbridge we met the wonderful family that my studio is in the garden of.  This lovely family offered me this incredible space, having become the firmest of friends walking our dogs in the park.    I moved in and over the past 4 years we have held many exhibitions, parties and brilliant community events together.

Below you can see a short film one of the exhibitions, made by my talented husband Carl (he has a company called  Also some photographs of the fabulous events we have held for both adults and children.

My studio is the jewel of my artwork as it's full of sparkle dust -  most of the time.

The Art Retreat, Samantha Barnes Studio
Kev F Sutherland at Samantha Barnes's Art Retreat, Suffolk
Samantha Barnes Art Retreat
Samantha Barnes's Art Retreat, Suffolk
Samantha Barnes Art Retreat
The Art Retreat, Samantha Barnes
The Art Retreat, Samantha Barnes Artist

Read on below about how you can work with me & dust off your own creativity.

Can Do Art Club - Samantha Barnes Artist

Do you enjoy Drawing, Painting or Making? 

Did you love doing art at school but have lost your creative mojo since?  I get it fully.  

It's hard to introduce something else into your already busy life.

  • You don't have any time to join a class and learn
  • You wouldn't know where to begin
  • You don't have the headspace
samantha barnes artist

Work With me


Work with me in 2018 and together we will lose all your previous thoughts about what you think you can & can't do.  You will be enjoying drawing, painting or making before you know it.

You'll need to allow yourself just 10 - 20 minutes per week (that's all to begin with) 



ABSOLUTELY NO ART SKILLS ARE NECESSARY just a willingness to have a go.

WORK 1:1 WITH ME online or in person.

No More Not Knowing Where To Begin.

You don't need to buy up all materials at your local art shop or scour the internet for idea's of how to start.  My FREE FACEBOOK membership group offers out weekly (and soon) monthly art projects too.  All the exercises I plan and produce are selected because I use in my own studio and art practise to free up my hand before I set to work on commissions or gallery pieces.

Firstly, head over to the club page to join up (you'll need to be on facebook for this)

Here are some examples of the exercises we do:


can do art club, samantha barnes artist


DRAWING  - yes you absolutely can draw

COLOUR & TONE - learn the basics and find out how and where to learn more

SUBJECT SELECTION - landscape, still life, people, animals & more

PAINTING FOR STARTERS - together we will dig out those old watercolours and begin to explore

PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECTS - using your iphone, smartphone or old polaroid, it doesn't matter.  

MAKING & 3D - Being such a 2D girl myself, I'm going to those that make beautifully to introduce us all to 3D making.  I'm thinking a bit of sewing, clay, easy peasy plasterwork with modroc and even a bit of a outdoor sculpture.  I'll be working with other established artists to bring us easy projects that we can work on together.

I'm going to be working hard to make these exercises enticing for all.  If you have any idea's I'd love to hear them.  You can email me on

Sam x 






Would you prefer some 1:1 sessions?

Great for building confidence and super-charging your return to art or for uplevelling your established art practise.

More details about these sessions coming soon.  Working via skype or in person, we will put together a programme designed with only you in mind to get your creative game on the road.

To enquire more about these sessions email me on or 

Work 1 and 1 with Samantha Barnes

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I have a collection of wonderful testimonials which I treasure.  My clients often become friends and I love to see them at exhibitions, shows and online too.  Here are some recent ones from 2017 & 18


Samantha is a wonderful person and a great artist. Wishing you all the best from Barcelona!  Anita


Thank you for my beautiful Geese drawing! It arrived in time and will be loved by my wonderful husband. Thanks a million Sarah Diligent xx


I cannot praise your work enough, spellbinding and mesmerising. You’ve captured what makes out Lady Fanny Parker-Bowls III just perfectly.  Your talent is huge, thank you.... you are amazing.  Craig


Thank you so much for doing the painting of Timmy for me to give to our friends for their birthdays. You were so kind and helpful and speedy for me so that I had it ready before this birthdays. I finally gave them the framed panting last night and they loved loved loved it!
It was such a pleasure working together on this with you and I hope our paths cross again!
If you are at the Country Living Fair in April I will see you there �
Thanks again
Emma xx


Sam has just completed a totally wonderful portrait of our much adored Working Cocker, Molly. I can't praise her highly enough, she has captured the essence of our gorgeous girl, such a lovely piece of art to hang on the wall and immortalise our doggy.
The whole process with Sam was brilliant, she is always open to comments and suggestions and very much works with you to ensure that the end product is something you love. Sam clearly has an affinity with dogs and really manages to see their personality through the photos and description you provide. I couldn't have found anyone better to paint the most important member of the family.  Thanks lovely.  Charlotte


Thank you Samantha. The drawing is really lovely. We love it. As are the cards. Thank you again. We genuinely do love the sleeping dog -. We’ll get it framed and it’ll wonderful against the dark blue wall.
And thank you once again. What a happy treat!”   
Vassos Alexander. 


My Family were sooo delighted and my husband was quite overwhelmed! Everyone thought it was lovely and captured her beautifully.  She is in pride of place and looking fantastic.  Thank you so much.  — Jo Whiley & Family 2018









Have you ever considered having an artist paint your big event?  This is a massive trend and enormous fun.   The idea is that between discussions, we gain an idea of the content of your painting.  I come along with a prepped canvas and simply observe and paint throughout the do.    The result is a highly individualised painting that you will have to keep forever, but will have had the experience of being around as it is in creation - wherever you are!

Having an artist in situ painting your event works brilliantly at celebrations.  It offers something that everyone can get involved with - even painting a mark or two if they wish (aprons provided!)  Guests are encouraged to come & chat whilst I'm painting, offering a unique experience that they will remember.  Once your painting is completed, it can be used as a special thank-you card which I can arrange to have printed for you.

Any event is suitable, such as BIG birthday events, corporate event days, weddings, Hen Parties & more.  

You can read more about Live Painting here.

Let's chat about your event, call or email me on 07891 698 847 and I'll happily talk you through the process.

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