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Hello, I’m Sam.  A Dog Portrait Painter & Artist, who makes bespoke paintings for dog lovers, which celebrates their dogs & creates a lasting memory.

In 2013 we got a family dog.   I’d wanted one since my early 20’s but the time never seemed right for me to take the plunge.  I lived in shared rented houses, opened my own shop then, when babies came along my arms (and my head) were full to the brim.  

When our children were five & eight, I threw my toys out of the pram and Barney, our beloved Cocker Spaniel became the fifth member of our family.  He was admittedly a rather a foisted-on gift for my husbands 50th Birthday, selected by both of us (but mainly me).

From the moment we bought him home, Barney has brought us joy.  A joy that requires not much giving on our part, apart from time, love, walks, food and discipline.  Barney bonded our unit of four in a way that surprised us all.   

Having Barney created down-time for us.  A centering, that forced us to take time out to walk him, play & interact with one another in an unacknowledged way.  He created time for us.

Barney is now six years old and the pleasure he brings us hasn’t waned.  

In 2016 I painted him.  Having been an artist all my life, I always loved drawing animals.  2015 saw me complete an online course in painting dog’s faces. Barney was the first dog portrait I produced (of course) in practise more than anything.

As my clients began to see his painting, on social media, in our hallway and on my website, they began asking me to make paintings of their dogs.

8 commissions down the line, I realised my calling and bought the domain name  

Since I did that online course, I have now completed over 100 commissions ordered worldwide.  I have paintings hanging in homes as far as New York & Sydney. My wonderful testimonials, letters and photographs of people enjoying their paintings can be found here.

I found my thing through Barney.

Why do I do it?  Because I feel creatively super-charged when I’m representing a loved dog on canvas.  

I know that the work that I produce will be with the family (or owner) that it’s going to for years to come.  When the time comes that the dog is no longer, the family will have something special to glance over 100 times a day, to remind them of the love that they enjoyed.

Barney, by Samantha Barnes,