Diversity & The Solo Maker

Diversity and the Solo Maker.  Hmmm, How on earth can I be more diverse as I am sitting alone in my studio all day, everyday?  In fact, it’s MUCH easier than you think…

Diversity and the solo worker, blog post by Samantha Barnes Artist, Dear Artist Blog

Being a woman in my prime, I’m proud of my inclusive values.  I celebrate every human for who they are, their values, looks, sexual orientation, etc, etc.  No one human is worth more than another.  

But, the uncomfortable question is - are my beliefs happening more in my head and falling short when it comes to my daily actions?     The honest answer is, probably.

I read a great blog post this week by Huma, A Quiet Story.  It talked about her interest in minimal/slow living. She expressed that many of the blogs and channels she reads all look the same, written by people from the same background, leading her to believe that currently there is little room for stylish beautiful photographs from people from different backgrounds.  

She writes that

“If sameness breeds sameness, diversity breeds creativity”.

Her post got me thinking (which means it’s a good one).   

I’m not a very eloquent writer and hope that you are getting my point in this post.  For me, my reading Huma’s post was a wake-up call to recognise that perhaps, I not only write and highlight things I love, but things that have a common tendency to be from my own background.

This leads me to not being very diverse in my business (and I thought I was doing so well)

Huma takes us further by suggesting at least five ways to bring more difference into our blog posts and channels, her suggestions are welcome.

So, from now on I’m going to:

  • Read outside of my usual circle

  • Actively follow a wider range of persons.

  • Celebrate our differences more, perhaps in my own painting and artwork

  • Amplify many different voices

  • Widen my reading appetite and the general culture I suck in daily.

Thank you Huma, you rock and may your posts go viral.


How is your diversity policy? in line with your actions or out of whack as mine were when really looked at? I’d love to know.