Follower Numbers Matter NOT.

Do you get comparisonitus when it comes to numbers on your social channel? Insta, FB, Twitter, Linkedin? Well, the good news is that you can forget all about them, as put simply, THE NUMBERS DO NOT MATTER!

Follower numbers don't matter by Samantha Barnes Artist

I’m always on the listen, podcasts, audiobooks, news articles.  I try to keep my limited reading hours for joy otherwise I’d never get anything done!    I listen to learn and enhance my business skills, it’s a habit I’ve gotten into. The first few hours of the day in the studio is given over to work-orientated listening, it’s a daily boost for me.

Listening to an episode of ‘Letters From A Hopeful Creative’ by Sarah Tasker and Jen Carrington I was struck by one sentence - one that I’d heard a gazillion times before but never really heard or taken in.

It simply said, it’s not the number of your followers, it’s the engagement.

This rang a bell for me.

I have an insta, account, two fb’s and one twitter.  The truth of the matter is that all of them have around-about the same number of followers. Insta isn’t a place joy for me, funny really as it’s a visual platform so you might think it’s a shoe-in for a business such as mine - I find it a bit to fiddly.

During the podcast Jen (we share about the same number of followers) was explaining that her business is at capacity, her services are not internet reliant - eg, she doesn’t need bazillions of followers for her business to be at it’s best, or her books full of orders.

It’s about connection with your existing followers  - deepening the connection with those that are already mailing list.  

The Tortoise & The Hare

I agree whole-heartedly with Jen.  I wrote a post recently about growing your list (you can find it here).  In it, I ask you to visualise your kitchen, now add in all the people on your list & those signed up to your feeds - that’s a full kitchen right?

It’s easy to forget that it’s these people that need looking after, not gathering up newbies.  Your existing sign-ups want to hear from you - that’s why they signed up.  Can I ask - when was the last time you did something special for them?   Are you keeping them in the loop enough - preferably with interesting, valuable stuff?

I’m proud of my email list and write to them 2 - sometimes 3 times a month not only with news about me (which can get very boring) but things that I’ve gathered up over the month or so that I think they will be interested in. I enjoy the emails that come flooding back and the take-ups to the offers that I bring them, this means that they are interested and I’m bringing them the right things.

So my point here is to nurture those already in your circles and to forget the never-ending strive to gain more, more, more!   

It’s very liberating.

Best wishes, Sam x

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