Would You Like Some Extra Money? Read this....

Would you like some extra money?  A few more fold-up ones in your wallet?  Let’s take a look at some of those things you’ve been making…

Would you like some extra money?  Bloom Creatively Blog by Samantha Barnes.com

What things?  You know - those things you make in your spare time.  They might be drawings, watercolour paintings, cushion covers, jam, dog-biscuits or a collection of items that you no longer need - most things can be turned into cash, with some fine tuning.

When I left art school, I was a printed-textile girl.  I thought my destiny was going to be running around print rooms with meters of fabrics, I based my whole world on it.  Then came along the clunk- realisation that I could no more get into a print room, than pay my rent doing two jobs at once.

My artwork sat under my bed in various flats & digs for about 4 years.

Then one day, a friend of my sisters asked me to draw a racecar for her son’s bedroom.  I was to do a watercolour drawing, unframed for £50. This was a whole nifty-fifty.  All I needed in order to complete this commission was a pencil and some paper, the paints I had left over from art school.

I did the drawing and was £50 up.

& so it began (albeit very slowly) drawing became a side business, alongside my day job.

I was still working in my full time job and painting/drawing in the evenings and weekends.  That thing I did, earned me some extra money and so it can for you too.

We may have missed the Christmas rush this year, but it’s likely that you weren’t quite ready for it anyway - so that’s gone, let’s look to the New Year.  

How can that thing you do earn you some money?

Everyone has something and I’m willing to bet that you have too.  The thing is to find it, make some and then have a go at selling some.  

It sounds easy, and actually it is when broken down.

So what have you made recently that left you feeling really proud?  Think widely, could be something food based, knitted, written or something you did such as singing or giving that talk on the history of motorbikes?

That thing CAN be packaged and you CAN sell it.

Oh yes you can (sorry, but it is nearly Christmas)

More soon.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, Sam

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About Samantha:

Sam Barnes has been a practising artist for 25 years. Throughout her career she has had her own gallery, worked with hundreds of artists in making and marketing their own works and exhibited her own extensively. Her work has been successfully published & licensed many times. Sam is passionate about artists, makers and creatives earning a decent living from what they do. Our world needs new and beautiful things and artists deserve liveable incomes. Those two things are possible. Sam writes from her first hand experience and occasionally works 1:1 with others.

Email info@samanthabarnes.co.uk for more details.

Thanks To Katie Harp of Unsplash for this photograph.