How is your work life?  Balanced or Spiralling? Don’t worry, I had no idea either until I came across this exercise which I’ve adapted for you. Doing this insightful worksheet gives us a visual truth. Grab a cuppa and give yourself 10.

Your Circle of Work, Bloom Creatively by Samantha Barnes

Work.  Life. Health (mental and physical)  Family. Exercise. Learning. Travel.  Finances & MORE can leave us frazzled without even knowing why.

I bang on about creativity, but if you are stuck, I may as well be asking you to speak Flemish.

So, with this in mind I’ve made a simple, insightful exercise which you can print out here.

The concept is to see visually where you are in your life today.  

Each triangle in the circle represents and area that I believe, adds up to work satisfaction.  Working from the centre (number 1) to the edge (number 8) I’m going to ask you to colour/shade in your satisfaction level for each piece of the pie.

Number 1 represents LITTLE

Number 8 represents ALOT

The numbers in between are yours to play with.  Think about each title and ask yourself - how do I feel about each one.  

There is no right or wrong, only how you feel about each section now.  

By the end of the exercise, you can see in the visual what section could do with attention, and which are cruising along.

Take your time, enjoy the process.  I’m going to do it to.

I’d LOVE to know how you get on.

With love, Sam

Your Circle of Work Exercise by Bloom Creatively, Samantha Barnes

About Samantha:

Sam Barnes has been a practising artist for 25 years. Throughout her career she has had her own gallery, worked with hundreds of artists in making and marketing their own works and exhibited her own extensively. Her work has been successfully published & licensed many times. Sam is passionate about artists, makers and creatives earning a decent living from what they do. Our world needs new and beautiful things and artists deserve liveable incomes. Those two things are possible. Sam writes from her first hand experience and occasionally works 1:1 with others.

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