Does Your School Run Theme Days? Today was 'Kite Day' & why I had to paint it.

Around October last year, my daughters held a theme day.   This is a day that gets everyone involved in making something, all years from reception to Year 6.  It's a lovely idea and unites all 450 children together in making.  The theme for this particular day was 'Kite Making'.

As I stood waiting to collect my daughter, I watched as all 400 children piled out of school, holding fabulous orange kites, eager to make them fly as much as to show all the Mums, Dads and those collecting that they had each, individually made.

I was waiting in the field where I normally use the waiting time to chuck the ball about for Barney (my ball-mad cocker spaniel) and out the children came.  It was a BEAUTIFUL sight and if I think about it for too long, the happy sight still has the ability to reduce me to tears of loveliness.

A little after, I decided that I wanted to paint this scene.  I'm not yet sure how it's going to work, but my plan is to make some open edition prints or cards that the school might sell to raise money.  Once my painting is finished we will decide on the best use of it, perhaps the good old summer raffle.