You've Bought Your Painting, So Now What Happens?

You've selected your painting, been through checkout and are now awaiting your delivery.  So what happens in our studio when the button is pressed?

I forget sometimes that my clients aren't actually with me in the studio!  When I was asked recently about my processes for releasing work, it struck me that this could make an interesting subject for a blog post.  

1. There are a few stages prior to sending out, firstly I need to take out the work sold from it's storing place, check it's the right edition number and is signed in all the right places. 

2. The second action is to make sure I have taken the best photographs of the piece I can.  This is crucial for my archive, I am likely to call on these photographs in the future when working on new collections.

3.  I will then move onto the work itself.  Giving a really deep look at any marks or touch-ups it might need, nothing leaves my studio until it's the best it can be.  (I'm going to share some more thoughts on this subject in my upcoming blog post 'Why I love Damaged Artworks'  coming soon).

4.  The next stage is the packaging.  It's a strange thing but Carl (my husband) & I just LOVE packaging!  I think in another life we worked in logistics!  I really enjoy this stage and sometimes, when busy my studio assistants take over this bit, I feel a bit cheated and look lovingly over at them as they are cutting, taping and making weird and wonderfully shaped parcels.  

5.  The gift... I can NEVER let a parcel go without adding a little something extra from my studio.  Depending what is on my drawing board, I love to spend time finding a little something that will be welcomed alongside the work inside.  Again, I adore this bit.

6.  Finally, we have the send out.  I send many of my parcels via My Hermes if it's within the UK, for overseas orders, I depend on DHL among others.  The paperwork is completed, and collection is arranged and I wave an all-too emotional farewell to it -  hoping that it's off to it's forever home.


Do you have any further questions?  I'm happy to answer them.  Just leave them in the comments or email me on

Thanks to Hello I'm Nik for this photograph.