Introducing You To The CAN DO ART CLUB.

I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to a club.  It's a welcoming club where everyone is invited.  The running theme is one of encouragement, our encouraging you to strap up, pull on your big girl pants (or boy pants) and do something creative - anything creative.

It's called CAN DO ART CLUB and we are a facebook group.  Set up by myself, with the help of a great friend, talented artist and studio owner herself Nyree Kavanagh of Glorious & Creative. Studio.

Nyree and I live miles apart but share similar values.  Both artists, we have individually run workshops for years, thriving busy ones where everyone gets involved and is encouraged to make a glorious mess (from mess comes structure & learning).  

Together, we are going to be setting projects, offering drawing & painting exercises and dishing out lashings of compliments.  You need ABSOLUTELY NO ART SKILLS to join us, because this is all about you setting your own level.  There will be some artists in the group, there will be non-artists - it doesn't matter, what does, is that you are having a go and doing the exercises.

From practice comes learning.  From playing about we find talents and interests.  From doing something creative we find a way to be in the moment.

I'd love for you to join us.  You can find our group here and before you rush off to the art shop to purchase art materials, you are only going to be using the basics, for now, a simple pencil & paper is fine.

Our first exercise is in the planning stage, so come on over and register and let's have fun together.

Best wishes, 


Can do art club