A New Dedicated Website for ipaintdogs.com

It's easy to get so lost in our businesses, that we forget to plan and create room for learning. 

Earlier this year I became a little lost in my business.   I was so busy at Christmas working on dog painting commissions that when January & February came around, I found myself looking at a dearth of work which seemed to vanish overnight.  

Or so I thought.  

I did something very very sensible and enlisted the help of a great creative marketing coach.  I worked with Kayte Ferris of Simple & Season.  Together we worked via Skype and written exercises for a number of weeks, identifying my monthly &  yearly diary work patterns,  and how best to mix this runaway success into my other portfolio of artworks.

Kayte Ferris, Simple & Season

It wasn't easy and Kayte walked me though some real wake up calls.  I found her wonderful to work with, she really helped me to map out my year, how to limit the number of commissions I take on per year and how to set aside certain months to work on my dogs solely.

The result is a much more confident Sam!  I have two new websites now, this one and one for ipaintdogs dedicated to my bespoke dog paintings.

It's easy when you are in the thick of your business to forget to spend time developing and learning.    I'm much more confident now and in control of my business, all three strands of it, dogs, my own painting and my own online art club which is currently in development.

Needless to say, work is flowing again and I'm busy.  I'm not quite there on my deciding which are my dedicated painting months, but very nearly so.

Thank you to Kayte, she is an inspiration and I heartily recommend her to you all.

Best, Samantha.

You can find Kayte's website here.