Would You Buy These?

As an artist, it's really important that I remember to play about and keep experimenting.  It's important to make works for the sheer making of it, not always for the outcome. 

I think this is where we can learn from children.  Our babes accept 'the doing' wholeheartedly -  they simply enjoy the process of whatever it is they are doing at that time.  When was the last time you did anything simply for the experience?

A couple of years ago whilst teaching a summer school, we worked with modrock (strips of bandage plaster cast) to make shoes, great fun and the teenagers loved decorating and painting them.  I, on the other hand, started messing about building whatever my hands wanted to - a jug appeared, then a cup and saucer, a platter and more.  I ABSOLUTELY loved making them and went into the school early the next day to continue working on them before the students arrived for another day.

Stone Ceramics by Samantha Barnes Artist

I remain really excited about these pieces, they are bonkers, fresh and wonderfully wrong.  I've never forgotten then and even remember speaking with a casting studio about having them made and possibly into production.

That was some years ago now, I still love them - who knows perhaps one day I will have them made and they will spring into action.

What do you think?  Do you like them?  I'd love to know.

Best, Sam x