Why I decided to run with an external Review Site – No, it’s not boring I promise!

What people say matters for us small fish in business.    When considering a new purchase or service, do you find yourself automatically checking how many people have done it before?  I do. 

Samantha Barnes is ipaintdogs.com


Checking out reviews is automatic to me now, akin to whizzing down the first few google listings to get the paid adverts out of the way – to find the organic listings instead.  This for me now is automatic.

Feefo, Trustpilot and others offer a place for your reviews to be held, good bad or indifferent they are up there for all to see, without allowing us (the reviewees) to tweak or amend them.  They are 100% authentic.

It was my BIL that gave me the final shove to implement my own for ipaintdogs and I’m grateful to him.  I’m not planning to have my review page emblazoned on my website, just enough to let folk know that it’s there.

When was the last time you left a review for someone?  I heartily encourage you to do so, to take those few minutes in order to help out someone’s business, good, bad or meh…it’s the time you’ve taken (a few seconds or minutes even) that speaks volumes.

Best wishes, Sam

Ps – 12 x 5 Star reviews for me since last Wednesday for me – just saying.. (am chuffed to bits!) x

You can find my reviews here