Creative Coaching Calling

It’s time to share with you a journey that I’ve been on for sometime now.  As you know, I’m super-interested in your creativity – and that doesn’t just mean drawing & painting.   Do you have a book on the go?  A song in your head that needs outing but you can’t seem to make it happen? Let’s work together.

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At the close of last year, I got my coaching certificate.  More importantly though, I got clear about my intentions.  Having run bazillions of workshops throughout my career, my own gallery where I worked 1:1 with artists of all disciplines, I’ve realized my worth in helping others to lose ‘stuckness’ and bring confidence in moving forward, and quickly.

Creativity does not simply mean making art or sculpture – it means thinking in a different way.

That new way comes naturally after losing the blocks that hold us back, challenging our self-talk and busting self-imposed limiting beliefs that are simply -  unjustified.

My method is listening, probing, supporting and walking hand in hand with you over a short number of sessions.

I can help you move forward, in fact I believe it’s the reason that I’ve been put here on earth – that and making my own artwork to lift spirits.

This Spring, I’ll be bringing out my packages.  Suggestions of how we might practically work alongside one another.  These are flexible depending on your wants.

Just now I’m working on my studio work and organizing myself to give you 100% supported space.

If you are interested in hearing more about how we might work together, drop me an email to and I’ll send you some more details.

Until then, I wish you well.

Best, Sam

About Samantha:

Sam Barnes has been a practising artist for 25 years. Throughout her career she has had her own gallery, worked with hundreds of artists in making and marketing their own works and exhibited her own extensively. Her work has been successfully published & licensed many times. Sam is passionate about artists, makers and creatives earning a decent living from what they do. Our world needs new and beautiful things and artists deserve liveable incomes. Those two things are possible. Sam writes from her first hand experience and occasionally works 1:1 with others.

Email for more details.