A Dream is Coming True - but why am I sad?

8.30am on Monday, a digger and oodles of cement are going to be delivered to my home.  A dream is coming true for me, I’m having a new studio built in my garden - so why am I so sad?

18 months ago my family and I moved into our forever home.  It’s highly likely that this isn’t actually going to be our forever home (who knows) but it feels right to be calling it that.  

It’s been 18 months of steaming layered wallpaper off the walls, ripping up carpets and wishing the artex away (no chance yet).  We are making progress and our home feels like, just that, home.

It’s been tough getting here, I’ll not go into the nitty-gritty of 10 moves in 15 years, recession led decisions and sharp career changes, it still makes me weep - only this time with joy rather than sadness.

Our garden has room for a studio, a space for me to paint, draw and printmake from home - one day I thought, one day.  That time has come, sooner than planned and I am so very excited - so are the children - Martha, (my 11yr old) has stated that it has to have a ‘me-corner’ for her own desk and art materials...my heart swells with joy.

So why am I sad?  Because it means the transition from The Art Retreat, my current studio which sits in the garden of some beautiful, generous friends that have allowed me to be in their lives for the past 5 years.

Together, we have had some AMAZING events, parties, shows, exhibitions.  This space has been my everyday and I’m so attached to it.

To find a family that supports you by offering a space to work is golden.  A needle in a haystack and I have been blessed, I have LOVED being there.

Of course, new things come and we must embrace change.  Our friendship is truly special and will never change, we are part of each others lives now and we love them all dearly.

Perhaps my new studio will become The Art Retreat, perhaps not - perhaps the name is best in the building where it began, I’m not going to know until I am up and running.

Monday, 8.30am a new adventure begins, a new chapter in my artwork and in our lives.

I am blessed and forever grateful.

Sam x

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Samantha Barnes Artist is ipaintdogs.com

About Samantha

Samantha Barnes is ipaintdogs.com

Sam is a practicing artist of 25yrs with a deep love of dogs.  Her drawings, paintings and prints are exhibited in galleries throughout the country.  In 2017 she painted her dog Barney and clients began to ask for bespoke portraits of their own best friends.  Since then, Sam has successfully painted many personalised commissions and sends her dog paintings all over the world.  

She has a stand-alone testimonial page on Trustpilot and is proud to support charities & auctions too.

To talk about having your own dog painted or to give as a gift, email Sam on info@samanthabarnes.co.uk today.

Many thanks for Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash