Welcome to my Gardening Blog, from a NON-gardening perspective

About 18 months ago, we moved into our long-term home. The carpets have gone, the walls free of paper, artex is still there and we are still using our inherited (rather knackered) cooker, but it’s time now, to look at our garden - face on!

Samantha Barnes is ipaintdogs.com

It’s been a journey, 10 house-moves over 15 years, some rented, others owned. I’m not going to offer you the gritty details, only the joy we feel at having arrived in our true space and the sheer luck we have to own it.

Our home was lived in by the previous owners for 50 years. Their home was theirs, completely theirs. Handywork, furnishings, fittings were all completed by them - by hand. The garden is big - big for me, a TOTAL gardening novice. It’s about 350m (including the house)

The garden is mature, very mature with shrubs (plants that are not really meant to be trees) currently standing at about 3m tall and wide.

Gardening for me has been about potting up some seasonal plants here and there in some terracotta pots, mowing the lawn sporadically and eating outside. They are the limits of my knowledge.

Having seen the garden go full circle now, it’s time to pick up some gardening mojo and simply have a go.

This is my diary, I hope you enjoy it

Sam, a serious non-gardener.