The Joys of WATERING (I told you I was a novice)

Last week I planted, actually planted a Magnolia Solangeana Tree (absolutely all by myself - apart from a little lifting help from my neighbours).  I am chuffed to nuts with it and my heart swelleth with pride each time I see it through the window.

Feeling very pleased indeed, my tree seems to be settling in well. (You can read about my novice planting and preparation here)

Then on Saturday we went to have a drink with some friends of ours, one of whom is a Landscape Gardener.  Giving him a blow-by-blow account of my new tree I asked him if I should feed it and if everything I had completed via Dr Google & Gardeners World Magazine was correct.

He complimented me then proceeded to tell me that my baby tree is likely to be 10 years of age (really?) and very stressed.  He advised me to lay a few chicken pellets around my tree then a layer of manure to help it settle in.

Stressed?  Really?

Of course - now I think about it.  I’d NEVER thought about how a tree might actually feel.  It’s a living thing, of course it’s probably stressed.

My friend told me that my baby tree had likely been watered daily and been in a Nursery.  It’s going to be fighting like mad to spread out its roots in order to pull in all that it needs for it to establish and grow.

Was I watering it?  Yes, I’d given it a full watering can only that morning.  

Not enough apparently, every week, once a week my baby tree is going to need THREE full watering cans in a oner.  

I am learning.

Today I walked from my tree to my outside tap three times with my big ole watering can, Barney alongside to deliver the goods.

When spelled out to me it makes senses, my tree is stressed and trying to settle.

I’m going to talk to it, alot!

Sam x

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