Is Your Dog Bored? Do This One Thing....

Be truthful - is your dog bored?  Powerful question I know, one that packs a punch - but apart from your daily walk and his/her daily feed(s) how is your dog in between?  Sleepy, dozy and happy….or in truth, sleeping out of boredom?

Here is one to pin - share the love x

Here is one to pin - share the love x


This post is NOT about making us feel guilty, we have lives to run, jobs to do and can only deliver so much to those that depend on us.  That said, listening recently to DogCast Radio (a great podcast for dog owners and lovers) my ears pricked up as some simple ideas where suggested.

Below is just one of the ideas suggested, I’ll bring you some others once Barney & I have road-tested them first!

So, the next time you have a box delivered, doesn’t need to be massive, can be any size (a cereal box is perfect) stick it to one side for the when you are busy and your dog is looking for something to do.

This is a simple idea, you are going to pop a treat or two in the box, could be a piece of kibble from their main meal, a small dog chew, anything that you dog loves - perhaps a piece of chicken from last nights meal - anything.  

Tape up the box, not too much - you don’t want to make it mission impossible which is not exciting for the dog, just frustrating.  If you have another box, put your first box inside the bigger one and again, semi-seal it up.

Then, get your camera ready and leave your box in the centre of the room or your garden for your dog to find it’s way into - it’s a joy to watch!

Quick don’ts…

  • Don’t leave your dog alone when doing this - what happens if the box gets stuck on his/her head?!

  • Don’t seal it up so hard it becomes a stressful experience for your dog

  • Don’t forget to have your camera out!

Enjoy!  It’s a great thing to do which tires out your dog between walks, stimulates them into action and confirms your super-human status to your gorgeous, loving dog.

(Barney agrees too).

Best wishes, Sam.

Do you have a simple idea to keep your woofer happy when you are working?  I’d love to know in the comments below. Samantha
Samantha Barnes is

About Samantha

Samantha Barnes is

Sam is a practicing artist of 25yrs with a deep love of dogs.  Her drawings, paintings and prints are exhibited in galleries throughout the country.  In 2017 she painted her dog Barney and clients began to ask for bespoke portraits of their own best friends.  Since then, Sam has successfully painted many personalised commissions and sends her dog paintings all over the world.  

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