Why I've Decided to Shut My Shop....

Ps. Dog Portrait Paintings are Available Throughout The Year

Ps. Dog Portrait Paintings are Available Throughout The Year


Shut my shop?  Really? Have you ever gone backwards to go forwards? It’s taken some planning but I think I might actually be growing up…

If you know my work, you will know that I love to draw.  I have my dog portrait paintings (which I like to think of my movies) my individual drawings, paintings and drypoint prints (that I think of as my Stills) and some occasional landscape paintings (which are highly personal passion projects, directly linked to my family and places we have been).  

That’s a lot of work, possibly over 200+ pieces per year.

When working on one thing, such as my dog portrait paintings, my head is fully in them.   I’m thinking only about the painting in front of me.  When printmaking, my head is in print - the crossover never happens or the works I made become befuddled and I lose concentration.

Adding in packaging, postage and customer queries (which I welcome, of course) my brains soon becomes spaghettified.

In October of last year, I held a Grand Pre-Christmas Sale.  Over a weekend and here in my home town in the best coffee shop ever.  Over a period of 10 days, I sold over 130 pieces of work, it was simply incredible.  

But here is the thing, I was set up for it.

I had my packaging sorted, my local post office knew I was coming, my family were prepped to help me send out.  We were like a well-oiled machine and it was brilliant.

September - end of January is my key time for selling my ‘Stills’.   All those preparatory drawings I have made over the year, beautiful ditties and oringinal works that I don’t want to charge more than £30 for (affordability is a BIG thing for me, I love my work to be affordable to all)

So, after some discussion with Carl, we decided that it was a good thing for me to restrict my sales of these works to between Sept-January when I can put some good welly into rehoming them properly.

That said, if you have a Birthday coming up, need a Wedding Gift or want a Just-Because purchase, that to is possible.  Simply email me and I will send you to the password to get into the shop to peruse at your will.

Growing up?  Me? Finally.

Much love, Sam x

About Samantha

Samantha Barnes is ipaintdogs

Sam is a practicing artist of 25yrs with a deep love of dogs.  Her drawings, paintings and prints are exhibited in galleries throughout the country.  In 2017 she painted her dog Barney and clients began to ask for bespoke portraits of their own best friends.  Since then, Sam has successfully painted many personalised commissions and sends her dog paintings all over the world.  

She has a stand-alone testimonial page on Trustpilot and is proud to support charities & auctions too.To talk about having your own dog painted or to give as a gift, email Sam on info@samanthabarnes.co.uk today.