8 Things I learned during 'The Dog Garden Dog Sitting' Trial Week

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This week I completed what’s called a ‘soft launch’ that is I began my dog-sitting service in my studio, The Dog Garden.  I borrowed two dogs along with Barney my own, and herewith the key things I learned along the way.

  1. I’m going to have to be disciplined.  It’s SO easy to become distracted and spend my entire day rolling around the floor, playing the gorgeous dogs that will be coming each day.  Must limit myself a teeny bit in order to paint.

  2. Two walks a day is brilliant for me.

  3. Dogs LOVE Mozart when it’s quiet rest time

  4. The mulch we selected to lay around the studio in the secluded dog garden is bonza, Buddy spent hours digging lovely big holes, it was fab to watch.

  5. It felt natural and right to have them there with me.

  6. The dogs love trotting down to the house with me, then back up to the studio again and again and again as needed.

  7. When my studio work is completed for the day, my four-legged guests seemed equally comfortable in the house with the rest of the family.  

  8. I love having lots of dogs with me in the car, it’s now called the Doggy Fun Bus.

Things I’ll need to get used to.

  1. Three pairs of eyes on me when I go for a pee.

  2. Much excitement when a guest arrives unannounced.

  3. Leaving no toys around that the dogs might argue over.

  4. NOT giving out treats unless the owners agree daily.

Admittedly by the end of the week I was tired, likely over watching the dogs and hightened to their every need.  Three dogs in total suits me down to the ground. I’ve got far to go, the dog behavioural course I’m doing is coming in very handy, quite thinky though.

Carl’s (my husbands) aunt had a dog rescue service in Scotland for many years, at one point she had 27 dogs living in her house with her - (it is a massive farm house) and genuinely I have no idea how she did it.  

Do you or have you ever had 3 or more dogs?  I’d love to know.

Sam x


About Samantha

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