If Your Dog Could Talk... What Would It Say?

If your dog could talk, what would it say?  ipaintdogs.com

This week I’ve finished ‘Lost Dog’ by Kate Spicer, am emotionally rung out but my faith in humanity is richer for reading it.  Best of all, I learned about… animal communication, psychic communication that is…

Prior to listening to this book, animal communication to me meant the infamous Barbara Woodhouse in her padded jacket asking animals to sit.  A stalwart of dog training, her 1980’s show ‘The Woodhouse Way’ made her a favourite in many households here in the UK.

More latterly animal communication brings about thoughts of Mystic Meg type figures for animals or more pragmatic dog training approaches taught by methods of treats and positive enforcement delivered via one of gazillions of youtube trainers.

Granted my research had been zilch until reading this book.  Barney my own dog was easy-peasy to train due to his love of tennis balls and warm sausages - this was 6 years ago now and I’ve not dipped into any animal learning stuff since.

But then I read ‘Lost Dog’.  I bet you can guess what the book is about.  During Kate Spicer’s journey (and you will have to read the book to find out what happens in the end - you will thank me) Kate becomes engaged with an animal communicator called Anne Twinney.

Wow.  Is really all I can say.

Just wow.

Finishing the book today (no, I can’t spill what happens) I jumped onto Anne Twinney’s website to find out more about her.  I then dug around some more and found a lady called Jackie Weaver that lives here in the UK and is an ‘Animal Psychic’.    

Pinging between both websites without properly taking either of them in, I watched video’s, read, pinged about some more and am now sat here in my studio in a slighly altered state than I was a number of hours ago.


Because a bigger question has arisen for me - what if there really is a way to connect and communicate with animals?  And if so, I want to know more.

I read that Jackie Weaver is doing a one-day course next Month about 3 hours from me.  It’s £90. She also teaches 1:1 sessions via Skype.

I am SORELY tempted.

Imagine how much that could help my dog painting practice?

How on earth would I explain it to Carl? To be furthered….

Much love, Sam x

Do you believe in animal communication? I’d LOVE to know, leave a comment below x

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