Can I Make A Dog Portrait Painting from VERY Tired Old Photographs? (yes!)

Do The Photographs I work from need to be amazing quality?  No!

Are you worried that your photographs of your dog are not good enough for me to work from?  Do you have a dog that is no longer with us that you would love to have painted? Don’t worry - read this.

Below are some real time photographs of dogs that I have worked from.  Sometimes (in fact, many times) clients shyly ask me how good a quality their images need to be in order that I make a painting from them. I emplore you not to be shy - bring on your most tired, faded photographs and let me work on them.

They honestly don’t need to be amazing quality at all, sometimes (most times in fact) I can work miracles!

Meet Scrubber.

Scrubber was my client’s much loved family dog in the 1970’s. He was treasured by her mum, and  approaching a BIG landmark birthday, Sally & family wanted to give their mum something very special and completely unique to her.

The family approached me and asked if I could work from VERY tired photographs.  I asked her to send over what she had, then set about work making duplicates, cropping and them working on them digitally in either Photoshop, Picmonkey or Canva.  

It’s amazing what you can do when you know how.  With the help of these graphics package, I can brighten up, enhance and change the tones and colours of the dogs - all with a view to getting the best angle from which to work.

I’ll zoom in, out and sometimes reverse the images to get the best out of the photographs that are given to me.

Scrubber came up shiningly - well, enough for me to work from and produce his portrait.

The birthday girl was delighted and I have this beautiful testimonial which came directly from her.

“I’m thrilled with the picture of scrubber painted by you that Sally gave me for my birthday. It’s an incredible likeness and almost feels as if he’s in the room with me wanting a walk! It captures the way he used to hold his head perfectly. Thank you very much.”

Don’t hold off getting in touch - lots of things are possible.

With love, Sam x

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