Do Dogs Talk to us via Puppy Eyes? Read this.

Puppy Eyes is an actual thing, human canine bonding by

It’s true, but then again I knew it already.  Dogs have evolved to manipulate humans via the eyes, bringing about natural human reactions to care for them as we do our babies.  It’s an actual thing.

According to this article by The BBC  the eye muscles around our dogs eyes have evolved to show more emotion.  We humans now read our dogs we do our young, evoking the same feelings of ‘wanting to nurture’ enhancing our bond to them as never before.

When I paint a dog portrait, the eyes are HUGHLY important - perhaps the most important bit of the canvas.  I can count on one hand the portraits I have completed that didn’t show eyes (due to long, long hair) whilst they worked due to the breed, the eyes are 99% of the portrait, 99% of the time. Good eyes make a portrait.

Given that I am more than bonded to my own dog, Barney and to those that I know and care for, I can read them easily.  I know by their eyes if they are happy, sad, wanting or needing rest time, I get them completely and actively continue to learn via books and practise to hone this skill.

The link between human/dog bonding grows ever stronger.  

I’m not quite carrying Barney is a papoose yet!

Sam x

Does the BBC article resonate with you?  I’d love to know

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