Are you AGREEABLE? You'd Better Read This....

Today I happened to catch a programme on the radio about agreeableness.   It was Highlighting a link between those that are deemed to be kind and thoughtful and those that struggle financially. WOW I thought.. really?

are you agreeable?  Samantha Barnes Artist

The programme was a section of  ‘All In The Mind’ with Claudia Hammond on BBC Radio 4 (which is on a loop either in my studio or in my home - either that or an audiobook or podcast of some kind)  I love a listen as I go about my day.

The crux of the question was - are those among us that are more agreeable, poorer?  

Put simply, the answer is yes.  I stood still with my pot of peas and listened.

Sandra Matz from Columbia business school explained that more agreeable people (and am including myself here) are not poorer because we are bad at managing money, it’s more that they are simply less interested in it.  I was frozen to the spot. (with my peas)

An example she went onto give was that our agreeable person might go out for lunch with two friends.  Wanting to avoid difficulty or uncomfort when the bill is presented, our person waves the bill away and insists on paying, thereby avoiding any difficulty.  Interesting.

Then there is also the point that theses people are simply less interested in money.  Sounds, way, way too simple yet so, well, right.  A logical equation.

Worth a post I thought in terms of simply recognising when we get our wallets out to pay - why.  Are we being kind?  Overly kind, and if so, what are we avoiding?

Artists, Writers and Makers, are pictured working by candlelight in a cold garret - we associate them with being utterly brassic (unless they have a patron - see my recent writing here about Patreon)   

It’s taken me years to lose the perception that being an artist means being broke.  It’s taken some personal work to crawl out of the association - reassuring myself and fellow artists that it’s ok for us to earn good money from our experience and skills.   

According to, there are 67 thousand artists registered as self-employed today here in the UK.    I wonder what the average yearly wage is?

It was an interesting listen and thought provoking too.   

Over the weekend I had a hugely tremendous show here on my website.  Since then I’ve donated to three different JustGiving causes, and my sale funds haven’t even reached my account yet.  

What I’ll take from this programme is a little think to myself the next time I, or someone else offers to pay for the meal/coffee out and insist a little more about paying my way.  

You can find the programme here, it’s interesting. I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts too.


Thank you to  Didier Weemaels on Unsplash for this photograph