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What Does a Dog WANT To Play On?

Let’s Think Dog!   

If I were a dog, I’d want to lie, sniff, possibly dig, jump, rest and play on the ground in the sunshine and likely in the rain too.  My four paws wouldn’t want too much in the way of small gravel and I’d need some purchase from the ground I play on!

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Do You Suffer From STS? (Shiny Thing Syndrome) If so, read this....

Do you suffer from Shiny-Thing Syndrome?  It’s interesting that I said suffer, because actually sniffing out all things new, having gazillions of new ideas is all part of the creative process, the hard bit is actively deciding which of these to pursue. Read this…

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Monkey See, Monkey Do.  Helping Our Teenagers to Keep Creative.

Teenagers and drawing, it all begins to drop off at this age.  The freedom our children once enjoyed via exploratory drawing begins to wane about 10 – 12yrs old, it’s natural but it’s also a shame.  Is your teenager still creating?  If not, here are some tips to stimulate them into action.

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The Benefits of Leaving The Capsule. Downing Tools & Doing It.

 This morning I took my dog for a walk over Suffolk Heath, a place close to my heart.  After school holidays and winter bugs have dictated life indoors for a number of weeks, getting outside ALONE is precious.  This post is all about the benefits of downing tools and getting outside for 30 mins.

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How Can You Be In A Coffee Shop At Home? Welcome To The World Of Sound Apps.

How does background sound effect the way we work?  

If your next-door neighbours are converting their basement into a cinema room, I imagine this has a horrible effect on you - but leaving the extremes of the digger - what’s your regular listen as you work?Golden silence, whistling, heavy metal or spoken word?

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Slow Living - What is?

Much of my learning about blogging has lead to my embarking on oodles of necessary reading.  I’ve been researching well-written blogs, not so much the ‘How to’ variety, more finding and spending time on various websites and perhaps engaging with those that run blogs alongside their businesses.  I’ve met some really interesting people along the way…

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