Are You In A Pickle Financially? This will help.

Feast or famine? I feel your pain. Here is a book that has changed many lives, including mine. Artist for nearly 30 years, I am no stranger to chasing the £££'s and making them last. This is a life-changing book and the beginnings of my own story. Your Money or Your Life steps us through a programme of nine stages. Daunting? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

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What's Your Best Tip When Returning To Do Your Creative Thing? White Paper Syndrome? You Bet.

Today I return to my drawing board having had a week or so away. White paper syndrome? You bet.

I’m going to turn on a podcast or 20, leave my phone at home and hopefully, the creative energy will return.

So what’s your tip when returning to doing your creative thing? I’d love to know

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The Business of Embroidery & The Inspiring Story Of Stitch School.

How does embroidery bring about conversation and participation in unsuspecting audiences? Meet Melanie Bowles & Aimee Betts, owners of Stitch School. Commissioned by BIG businesses to offer something totally different, here is what makes them truly special.

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