One Customer (or listener) Is All It Takes

Do you suffer from ‘shiny-thing’ syndrome?  Starting something then moving onto the next?  It’s a nemisis of a creative mind to be interested in many things at once, but reining it in and showing your dedication reaps rewards.

This week, I read about Deke Duncan, now 73, who started playing pop records from his back garden in Stevenage in 1974...

Deke Duncan radio broadcaster by Samantha Barnes Artist

His is a heart-warming and inspiring story.

Deke and his wife LOVED Radio Caroline, an illegal radio station which broadcasted new records and popular culture from a boat (situated off The Essex Coast) to the bright young things of the 1960’s.   Caroline’s story is legendary (you can read about it here).

Deke loves radio and in 1974, he set up his own broadcasting studio in a shed in his back garden.  He’s broadcast his show there ever since.

The amazing thing is that Deke only ever had one listener, his wife.

There’s alot we can unpack from this.  

His dedication to his hobby/passion is astounding, he kept going.  With each broadcast he likely learned new things, probably getting better with each programme completed.  

I salute him.  I also salute his wife for listening - for 44 years.

This week, this inspiring story has reached our main media channels and people all over the world are celebrating him.

Wonderfully Deke has been offered a one-hour slot over Christmas, broadcasting on BBC Three Counties, surpassing his lifelong ambition to broadcast to the whole of Stevenage.

Pass the tissues.

I will of course be listening in order to bump up his numbers.  I can only hope that he gains a regular gig out of it.

Go Deke.

Do you have one thing that you keep returning to? Perhaps you find yourself pulled off in many different directions but always end up coming back to the same thing. For me it was drawing. I can’t tell you how many other mediums I’ve tried, products I’ve made (and sold but not continued) because I’ve always come back to simple line.

The truth is in the actions I think.

I’d love to hear your story too.

Best, Samantha