Dogs On Trains – DOGS ON TRAINS PEOPLE!!!!

On our recent jaunts around the country to visit friends, we went by train.  Super cheap, no arguments about what music on the stereo and no stops at the service stations that set me back at least a tenner per pee (via visits to the shop).  What really got me thinking though, was the amount of dogs I saw on the trains, I didn’t even know this was a thing!

Dogs on Trains, Samantha Barnes is


Be honest, have you EVER thought about taking your dog on the train with you?  It has NEVER crossed my mind, yet seeing all those woofers snuggled up by owners feet or sleeping in the gangway was an eye opener for me – so here’s the question folks, would you take yours along with you on the choo choo?

The arguments are obvious, pee stops, barking, would your dog be uncomfortable?  Those thoughts alone would have halted me in my tracks thus far (scuse the pun) but having seen the other side, I was seriously impressed.

I’m not sure how Barney would be, the train station alone would very likely freak him out, not the people so much but the loud noises of the train pulling in – however, I think he would handle it.  Having had a massive walk covering the bodily functions and excessive energy levels, exercised, I think this could be a thing for us.

So, over to you.  Dogs on trains – would you?

I’d LOVE to know your thoughts

Sam x