Do You Work From Home? Dogs Help.

Do you work from home?  Do you have or would love a dog?  Here are some reasons that it’s a good idea to have one, or borrow one.

Do you work from home?  Dog's help.  Blog Post by Samantha Barnes Artist &

I’ve been self-employed for nearly 20 years now and I have always wanted a dog.  We got Barney 5 years ago now and I have never looked back, apart from a teeny bit during toilet training that is!

Working for yourself means self-starting everyday, actually hourly.  There is no one to clock us in, give us person-to-person feedback or even make the tea.  We are makers, marketeers, and more.  There is only us in our job on a daily basis.

Sometimes it can get lonely, the house empties and left with the washing up, we turn to our workspaces and begin to tune in.

Since I got my dog, I have a routine.  He needs a walk, I need a walk (not that I always feel like it) and this begins my day.  Once exercise is had, I settle to work with Barney at my feet, aka immediate company. 

A various intervals during my work, I can’t help but stop and pet my dog.  Clinically proven to reduce blood pressure and improve wellness, taking a few minutes out to play with any pet offers proper in-the-moment mindfulness - I’m not thinking about getting the orders out whilst throwing Barney his ball a few times.

Back to work, until the next snuggle break.

Having his companionship offers me something special.  A bond and routine that stays with me daily.

Barney lets me know when it’s time to go in, down tools and begin food preparation for the evening, his mealtime clock is alive and well.

With my dog at my feet, I make my best work.  Not only because I paint dogs for a living, I could be making widgets and I would still do it better with him in my life.

If having a dog isn’t possible for you, there are things you can do.  Cats are good of course, or hamsters, or tortoises – any pet that requires you to give them attention.

 Lastly, if having a pet isn’t an option for you, I’d like to suggest you look at Borrow My Doggy.  This is a website on which people list their dogs which they could use your help with.  It’s a doggy-share, which offers a local pooch to you,  a wonderful walk and you get to meet a new four-legged friend too. 

Win win, or woof, woof.

Best, Samantha