Finding Your Niche

Niche, a big word for us creatives and solo workers.  Niching down, specialising, becoming top banana at one particular thing - how did you find your speciality? I’d LOVE to know.

It was only last November that I fell into painting dogs, only last November - less than a year ago?!??  I’ve been a practising artist for over 20 years, how did I not find my thing before the ripe old age of 47?  

Finding your niche by Samantha Barnes Artist

There are two ways of looking at this - the gripers way - why, oh why, has it taken so long for me to find my correct tram lines?  All those years...

The second (and correct way in my opinion) is to hail the fact that I’m always continuing my learning.   Summer 2017 I did an online course about painting dogs faces in the correct proportions, I then practised my learning on my own dog Barney, clients saw my painting and began asking me to paint their own dogs - a new business was born.

I think that the big Kaboom has happened for me because of all those years I spent devoted to making other works, selling, exhibiting - dreaming up idea’s and making them happen.  All those thousands of drawings and drypoints have led me to this point, a solid business with real legs (fur ones!)

Take 20+ years of experience, add in a new subject/business line that you are completely passionate about, take some hard graft, some good marketing practise and you are off, it will lift off the page and into your lifestyle in the most organic form.

Nothing is EVER wasted, from each job/position we do, we learn valuable lessons that will carry our own businesses forward.

I’m so happy that I’ve found my niche, for me it happened, I didn’t dig it out.  I wish I could give you the keys to your own niche but I believe it’s something that you simply happen upon.   Keep listening to your tummy and more importantly, KEEP LEARNING, online, in person because you never know what might click into place for you.

I’d love your thoughts too.

Samantha X