The Wonderful World Hattie & Flora. (3 min Read)

Inspiration can strike from the most unexpected of places. Here is somewhere I find sparkle dust.

About 5 years ago I came across these two wonderful women, I’ve never met them in person but I’ve followed them by dipping into their website, reading blog posts and eagerly googling them sporadically to see what they have been up to.

My understanding is that they are Stylists which is their core offering.  Oozing creativity and colour, they prep events, festivals, weddings and all manner of do’s. I absolutely love them.

The colours they use are a biggie.  Bright blues, yellows, pinks are unashamedly bright, peppered with all manner of props from vintage books, to vintage caravans, Hattie & Flora bring together objects, texture and practicality in a very special way which is unique to them.

You might ask what this has to do with Dog Paintings?  The answer is absolutely nothing! It’s simply the Inspiration I enjoy from them that is so powerful for me.

You can find them here:





Inspiration comes in many different forms, some find it in interiors, fashion, type, others music - it’s personal to each and everyone of us.

For me, when feeling dry of sparkle dust (which admittedly isn’t often) This is one of the places I visit to read recent blog posts, admire the leaps they are taking as a small business (they recently moved into a massive space) and enjoy the waterfall of creativity which is uniquely theirs.

I wish them well in all their endeavours.  If you have a party coming up, or a family wedding, I encourage you to contact them.

Best, Sam

Samantha Barnes is ipaintdogs, introducing Hattie & Flora Styling Design, UK
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About Samantha

Sam is a practicing artist of 25yrs with a deep love of dogs.  Her drawings, paintings and prints are exhibited in galleries throughout the country.  In 2017 she painted her dog Barney and clients began to ask for bespoke portraits of their own best friends.  Since then, Sam has successfully painted over 60 personalised commissions and sends her dog paintings all over the world.  

She has a stand-alone testimonial page on Trustpilot and is proud to support canine charities too.

To talk about having your own dog painted or to give as a gift, email Sam on today.