Have You Made Choices that it's Not Too Late to Change? Read this.

The Wife, by Samantha Barnes of ipaintdogs.com

Last night I watched The Wife with Glen Close & Jonathan Pryce, Max Irons & Christian Slater.

Not a film I had particularly chosen, more one that came along with the territory of remote flicking, having clawed the tv back from the teenagers as they left the room to cosy up to screens in their beds (it’s a Friday night thing)

I’m no film buff (Carl is) and I have no review qualities, but I do have a comment or two about the running theme of this film:  Life Choices.

The film is set in the early 60’s.  Clever, beautiful Literary student meets handsome Lecturer at an Ivy League School.  Handsome Lecturer leaves wife and baby to marry clever, beautiful student with huge writing skills.

Clever, beautiful Literary student snouts out a book publisher looking for a ‘young Jewish writer’ connects the dots and puts her husband forward.  Reading his script, she recognises that it’s going to be rejected as it’s not up to scratch.  Delivering her truth results in her soothing his battered ego, and a begging session from her for him not to leave her.

She suggests that she rewrites it.

She does

It’s a hit and a career is born.  

For him.

Three grown up babies later and a multiple books that she has written under his name (he contributed the ideas though not all of them)  he is a Literary Icon, she is ‘The Wife’.


Graceful, supportive and the source of the unrecognised original talent, she is the wife.

He wins The Nobel Prize for Literature, during his acceptance speeches he pores loving praise and thanks to his wife, he knows, she knows,

During the prize receiving trip to Stockholm, we are witness to her unravelling.  Her blood boils over and we are privvy to watching her facing up to her life choices as a semi-elderly person.

It’s interesting and painful.

Caveats are that times were different then, women stood behind their men.  Behind every successful man is an even greater woman, etc, etc.   

Today, is it the same?  Sometimes.

When my babies were tiny, I chose to be with them everyday to raise them.  I chose not to work to pay childcare, I chose to work pretty much behind & with my husband in a business we started ‘Films For Websites’.

My strengths went into his business.  He was the one with the time to shoot the films, he had the skills to make beautiful short films for business, I found the contacts, did the marketing, positioned his skills in order for us to harvest enough money to live on.

Had he won multiple awards (and we did win a few) would I have been ‘The Wife?’  

Yes, likely so.

This film, the one I am writing about is about life choices.  

A choice made in a time of necessity, can be turned when circumstances change.

Today, as you know I have my own business.  Carl has his and is incredibly good at it. I am good at painting dogs and making artworks.  

I pulled back my power and my time, for my own business.  Carl is now a big part of my work.

I decided to write about this film as I am sure you recognise, it hit a loud cord with me.

Watch it, I’d love to know what you think.

With love, Sam x

About Samantha

Samantha Barnes is ipaintdogs.com

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