Lobsters & Horses - who knew?

Lobsters & Horses by Samantha Barnes - BloomCreatively Blog

For the past week I’ve been in my studio simply playing around.  I gave myself some time to play – to make work without planning out exactly what I wanted to have produced by the end of the week, for me, this seems to have produced Horses & Lobsters – who knew?

When was the last time you gave yourself time off producing to a strict regime?  If you are like me – the answer would be a long time ago.

As much as I hate to admit it, an artist needs time to develop ideas.  If funds were no issue I would plan my year as follows:

January, Feb, March, April – Work in Development, building stock up in order to satisfy orders later in  the year.  Head down, radio on and make.

May, June, July, August– as well as continuing to stock-build, these months would be about planning and researching my next tranch of production for early next year.  These months would also be spent getting ready for my end of year show, and making my Notonthehighst.com shop Christmas ready.

September, October, November, December.  Time to bang the drum, open my sales and off we go, packing up and selling my precious stock at various shows throughout the country.

But, life isn’t like that.

Perhaps if it were, it might become boring. 

So my time in my studio this week has been spent collaging, a deep love of mine.  From that into painting.  Horses & Lobsters?  Well, both of these works seemed to sell well from my last sales - and some preparatory drawings I made a year or two ago hooked my eye this week – without thinking too much, I let my previous work do the honours and draw my attention back to them.

Am enjoying myself, and today, this above all is what matters most.

Have you devoted anytime to playing about this week?   How is your hobby going?  I’d LOVE to know.

Best, sam x

About Samantha:

Sam Barnes has been a practising artist for 25 years. Throughout her career she has had her own gallery, worked with hundreds of artists in making and marketing their own works and exhibited her own extensively. Her work has been successfully published & licensed many times. Sam is passionate about artists, makers and creatives earning a decent living from what they do. Our world needs new and beautiful things and artists deserve liveable incomes. Those two things are possible. Sam writes from her first hand experience and occasionally works 1:1 with others.

Email info@samanthabarnes.co.uk for more details.