Finding Your New Best Thing, Here's Mine.

When working at Latitude Festival a couple of weeks ago, I found a stall called ‘Simon Says Fork Out’.  His is a business that hits all my buttons, creative upcycling, making something beautiful from things discarded, in this case Silver Cutlery.  Occasionally, I happen upon something that stops me in my tracks, when was the last time this happened for you?  I’d love to know.

When working on my dog portrait paintings, I try my best to come from a different angle to what might be expected.  To deliver a painting of the owner's dog that exceeds expectations and catches their woofer in a spot-on way.   Many are the times that I will paint over a finished painting because I’m not happy enough for it to leave the studio and begin again, this is because I want to over-deliver every time.

So, when I happened upon Simon’s Stall, I fell instantly in love with his work.

Obviously having a very good festival himself,  I perused with my daughter in tow, touching and looking at all the beautiful things he makes from antique cutlery. 

Simon Says Fork Out by Samantha Barnes &

I found a ring, in a bucket of them for only £10, two for £15 and of course now I wish that I’d bought at least 10 of them for my dearest friends (I’ll be contacting him shortly).

Having been on the hunt for a chunky silver ring for ages, I was so happy to happen upon him.  The ring I bought you can see below, it’s an old fork, fashioned into a ring, simple and beautiful.

Simon told me the history of these rings, that in Victorian times the servants used to steal a piece of cutlery and make them into Wedding Rings, I was hooked.

I have no judgement on the stealing aspect here too, the lives of House workers in the Victorian age was utterly miserable.

So, as you can see I’m chuffed to bits with my new purchase.  When was the last time you found something that you were so happy to find?

I’d love to know


Simon Says Fork Out, Samantha Barnes &