ipaintdogs Newsletter, March 2019.

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Sam x

Sent: Friday 22nd March.


Samantha Barnes is ipaintdogs.com, pet & dog portraits

Happy Friday!

I hope you have a restful weekend ahead and have had a good week.

It’s been a busy one for me, I have lots of dogs on my studio wall at the moment including the most handsome Airedale Terrier (King of the Terriers) that you have ever seen, a beautiful mixed breed, a proper-fluffy Cockapoo and two black labs, I’ll bring you pictures of  them when the surprise-deliveries are over.

In Dog News this week:

I read with interest today about how ‘Every School needs dog as stress-buster’ and of course, I am inclined to agree.  Education Secretary Damian Hinds says more schools seem to have "wellbeing dogs" and "the pets can really help".  

Particularly around school exam times, what better organic stress release is there than interacting with a dog?  To have a dog onsite at all times will bring about increased wellbeing, confidence around animals and a crucial understanding of what it takes to care for an animal - out with the school hamster or goldfish and in with Fido.

My last point on this is that petting a dog brings about a stillness of time - rather than looking online for likes, hearts & endorsements, our teenagers & children could simply connect with a loving animal for reassurance - a brilliant solution.


My second story is about Ralph, a long-haired Dachshund that got stuck in a rabbit hole for FOUR DAYS.  His loving owner took to social media to ask for help to find her dog which became lost in Haworth, West Yorkshire.  Scouring the spot daily, Ralph was eventually found as his sister sniffed him out. Ralph was 5 feet down, the digging process to release him was a challenge but thankfully, Ralph is now free and back at home with his owner and sister where he should be.


News from the ipaintdogs studio...

Well, today, as I type I’m having a studio installed in my garden.  I am SO excited and will be working between studios until it is ready for me to start sloshing paint about in!

I’m considering becoming a Dog Sitter!  Due to working from home soon, I’m going to be inviting two other dogs to come and spend time with Barney & I as we go about our days.  Long walks, lots of cuddles and crucially, company. This isn’t a short process, the legal requirements are SO interesting to research. As of October 2018, the AAL (Animal Activities Licensing) launched a whole new process by which potential dog boarders & daycare sitters must abide.  It’s lengthy reading and a relatively expensive process too - but actually, I’m heartened. I like the fact that if I needed a sitter to look after Barney, they would have been checked, references awarded and the entire process ticked box by box. Ultimately, this process stops unnecessary stress on our dogs in care situations and that can only be a good thing.

With love and thanks for reading, Sam x


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