Oh! What a Show....

Well, that show really was something.  Thank you SO much to everyone for signing up, visiting and purchasing too, I sold over 84 pieces of work.. 84?!!  A record, so what happens now? A nap of course…

Sale over, Samantha Barnes ipaintdogs.com

What a show! What a Show! So much work sold, I couldn’t be happier.

First things first, I’m off for a nap.  

It’s 11.55am on Monday morning and I know myself well enough to recognise that I’m rubbish when I’m tired.   I’m going to make it easy on the children by transitioning myself from tired (& very possibly grumpy mum), into happy, contented and much-more-in-control mum - by taking time out for solid hour or two extra sleep.  

By the time the children return from school I’ll be best placed to make supper, do the home necessaries and then return to my (very fat & full) order book. Followed by very happy evening booking in deliveries with a bottomless cup of tea by my side.

I once read that a day being tired, is a day without perspective.  

(Post nap)

MUCH more refreshed and perspective is once again mine.   Kitchen cleared and supper underway and I’m off to the studio.

After The Archers of course, it’d be rude not to….

More soon.