Our Home, Your Dog. A gem of an idea....

I think it’s pretty safe to say that I am dog nuts - an UBER dog lover, known to fall to my knees in a wet puddle to say hello to any passing dog (yes, this actually happens).  ipaintdogs is going brilliantly, so…. what if I took one step further…

What do I mean?

I mean how about I invite your dog to come and stay with me here in our family home?

Bonkers non?

I’m serious.

Barney, my own dog LOVES company and we have a dog shaped hole in our family home - thinking about what to do with it, we came up wit

  • Getting a new puppy

  • Rehoming a rescue (tops so far)

  • Dog Walking other dogs

  • Dog Home Care

  • Dog HOLIDAY CARE!   Yes, perfect - a perfect start.

So what does this mean?

Well, my studio in the garden is currently being built, once it’s up and running I’ll be based at home painting every day, engaging in my daily routine of walking Barney, bumbling about the house with daily essentials, stopping to play with Barney, painting in my studio, doing some paperwork, going on another walk with Barney, painting some more, cooking supper, snuggling Barney on the sofa...and I was thinking that perhaps your dog might like to come for a sleepover too?

It’s early days, I’ve much to learn - insurances, perhaps some dog behavioural training but actually I think it’s a winner idea.

Dog portraits aside (you might like to have your dog painted too?) this is purely about company.  Having your dog alongside Barney would be a pure joy. We could have enormous fun together and crucially, your dog would be as happy as can be whilst you are sunning yourself on your much-needed holiday, or simply going to work each day.

To begin with I envisage having one dog at a time, from there who knows.  Actually I do, I wouldn’t want to have more than two visiting woofers, three is lovely, four too much for now.

I don’t know prices yet, research to be done, but I’d LOVE to know your thoughts…

Is it a fit? My family can’t wait!

Much love, Sam x

Our Home Your Dog, Samantha Barnes is ipaintdogs.com

About Samantha

Samantha Barnes is ipaintdogs.com

Sam is a practicing artist of 25yrs with a deep love of dogs.  Her drawings, paintings and prints are exhibited in galleries throughout the country.  In 2017 she painted her dog Barney and clients began to ask for bespoke portraits of their own best friends.  Since then, Sam has successfully painted many personalised commissions and sends her dog paintings all over the world.  

She has a stand-alone testimonial page on Trustpilot and is proud to support charities & auctions too.

To talk about having your own dog painted or to give as a gift, email Sam on info@samanthabarnes.co.uk today.