Slow Living - What is?


Much of my learning about blogging has lead to my embarking on oodles of necessary reading.  I’ve been researching well-written blogs, not so much the ‘How to’ variety, more finding and spending time on various websites and perhaps engaging with those that run blogs alongside their businesses.  I’ve met some really interesting people along the way…

In a nutshell, I’ve learned that a well-written blog not only gives confidence to people as they happen upon your website – your online store, but a regularly updated blog gives oomph to the Google spider, bringing new people in as they search for things they are interested in.

So it’s interesting that some of the websites that have really caught my attention, are to do with Slow Living – what exactly is it?

Slow Living - what is by Samantha Barnes &

Well, simply put, I don’t think there is a clear definition. Think Hygge in the winter, slow cookers, candles and lovely big aron jumpers and we are on our way.  Now that we are in the Summer, think open fires, walks in nature and lovely simple natural food and I hope that you are getting the picture.

My first introduction to ‘Slow’ came via a Norwegian train journey that Carl, my husband was excitingly telling me about some 3 or 4 years ago.  The programme was a real time 4hr train journey through the ffjords, with the camera attached to the front of the train.  Pardon?  Was my reply – no whizzed up CGI, music or multi camera takes?  No, one simple camera on the front of a train, and a FOUR HOUR journey, which took four hours of telly time to watch.

Bonkers idea, or was it?  People were transfixed to the train journey programme – celebrating a return to real time experiences, not the cut down, arranged-for-us-version, which has become our everyday, every hour and every minute.

The blogs, I find I love are about the simple things.  Food, family, our health, our homes and our everyday – this is as much as a surprise to me as anyone. 

Photography helps.  I think it’s the photographs that drew me in first.  Beautifully crafted images that exude calm, calm = slow.

I’m not there yet and still finding my way but I am intrigued.  I think I’d like to be slow – I think my life lends itself to slow principles well – eg, I’m not commuting hours daily, I have no horrible boss to please - I paint for my living, animals are a big feature in my life, family, home and food are already my most important things – that fits Slow well – yet my mind, is anything but. 

So here begins my interest in trying to slow my mind, enjoying minutes for just being minutes, not full of lists.

I’ll let you know how I get on, I have a feeling it’s going to be a long journey – a bit like that train.


The blogs I’ve been reading are:

Simple & Season – a refreshing approach to work and life

Geoffrey & Grace


Thanks to Annie Spratt for this beautiful photograph