What Breed of Woofer is Britains Number 1 Choice for 2019? Read this..

Britains Top 100 Dogs for 2019.  ipaintdogs.com

Yesterday I gave myself a lovely 150 minutes on the sofa, notebook in one hand & bottomless cup of tea in the other.  

Just Barney & I watched Britain’s Top 100 Dogs. Sheer bliss.

Ben Fogle & Sarah Cox ran through our nation’s best furry friends.  There were some surprises - who knew that our VERY favourite woofer is the one that is the hardest to rehome?  Read on dear hearts, read on…

If you are considering gaining a new member of your family, do make sure to do your research first.


100 Otterhound

99 Afghan Hound

98 Australian Shepherd

97 Leonberger

96 Normon Sproodle

95 Chinese Crested

94 Irish Wolfhound

93 Sussex Spaniel

92 Borzoi

91 Hunagrian Visla

90 Boston Terrier

89 Schipperke

88 Chow Chow

87 Cairn Terrier

86 Bull Mastiff

85 Wire Fox Terrier

84 Samoyed

83 Welsh Springer Spaniel

82 Gordon Setter

81 Airedale Terrier

80 Pomeranian

79 Maltese

78 Japanese Akita

77 Scottish Terrier

76 Bernese Mountain Dogs

75 Norfolk Terrier

74 St Bernard

73 Saluki

72 Parsons Terrier

71 Alaskan Malamute

70 Irish Setter

69 Puggle

68 Sealyham Terrier

67 Bearded Collie

66 English Pointer

65 Rough Collie

64 Bichon Frise

63 Lhasa Apso

62 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

61 Bloodhound

60 Basset Hound

59 British Bulldog

58 Irish Terrier

57 Siberian Husky

56 Olde English Bulldogge

55 Newfoundland

54 Yorkshire Terrier

53 Welsh Cardigan Corgi

52 Bedlington Terrier

51 Chihuahua

50 Hungarian Visla

49 Old English Sheepdog

48 Rhodesian Ridgeback

47 Pug

46 Manchester Terrier

45 Poodle

44 Schnauzer

43 German Short-haired Pointer

42 French Bulldog

41 Shitzu

40 Greyhound

39 Whippet

38 Rottweiler

37 Lurcher

36 Shetland Sheepdog

35 West Highland Terrier

34 Irish Water Spaniel

33 Tibetan Terrier

32 English Bull Terrier

31 Beagle

30 English Setter

29 Great Dane

28 Welsh Pembroke Corgi

27 Border Terrier

26 Springador

25 Dalmatian

24 Lakeland Terrier

23 Sprollie

22 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

21 Cavapoo

20 Jack Russell

19 Doberman Pinscher

18 Dachshund

17 Weimaraner

16 Welsh Terrier

15 Cavachon

14 Dandie Dinmont Matt Terrier

13 Labradoodle

12 Miniature Schnauzer

11 Flat Coated Retriever

Britain’s TOP TEN DOGS 2019

10 Mixed Breeds

9 Golden Retriever

8 German Shepherd

7 Border Collie

6 Boxer

5 Cocker Spaniel

4 Springer Spaniel



1 STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER!!!  (Well done the Staffie!)

Hooray for the Staffie!  This dog has suffered so much labelling in the past, most of which is unfair and biast.  

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier suffers for its negative press, sadly their stay in the rehoming centres up and down the country are the longest.

Hopefully it new status as Britain’s Top Dog, as chosen by over 10,000 participants will see them out of the centres and into loving homes faster.

Think rehoming dear hearts, please.


Samantha Barnes is ipaintdogs.com

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