8 Things I learned during 'The Dog Garden Dog Sitting' Trial Week

This week I completed what’s called a ‘soft launch’ that is I began my dog-sitting service in my studio, The Dog Garden.  I borrowed two dogs along with Barney my own, and herewith the key things I learned along the way.

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What Does a Dog WANT To Play On?

Let’s Think Dog!   

If I were a dog, I’d want to lie, sniff, possibly dig, jump, rest and play on the ground in the sunshine and likely in the rain too.  My four paws wouldn’t want too much in the way of small gravel and I’d need some purchase from the ground I play on!

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Doggy Day Care with me, IN MY STUDIO & HOME A natural progression

It’s fair to say that my world is definitely a dog-centred one.  I paint them daily, learn about them for fun, fall to my knees to greet them in the park (this actually happens) and adore my own, Barney as much as I do my children.

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