10 Essential Tips & Items to take to a Summer Festival

Are you going to a Summer Festival this year? I am no Glastonbury-girl but I am now super-comfortable at one that we return to year on year with our children. This is my list of 10 essentials that make for a brilliant weekend away.

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Is Your Dog Bored? Do This One Thing....

Be truthful - is your dog bored?  Powerful question I know, one that packs a punch - but apart from your daily walk and his/her daily feed(s) how is your dog in between?  Sleepy, dozy and happy….or in truth, sleeping out of boredom?

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A Winter Walk with Suffolk Dog Day - wet and wonderful!

Do you struggle to find your dog-walking mojo when it’s cold, wet and windy as it was today? Today Carl, Barney and I found the PERFECT solution - wrap up and join The Suffolk Dog Day team for their Winter Fundraising Walk at Helmingham Hall.

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The Wonderful World Hattie & Flora. (3 min Read)

Inspiration can strike from the most unexpected of places. Here is somewhere I find sparkle dust.

About 5 years ago I came across these two wonderful women, I’ve never met them in person but I’ve followed them by dipping into their website, reading blog posts and eagerly googling them sporadically to see what they have been up to.

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New Canvas Sizes, A Perfect Answer.

Sometimes, over-thinking a problem doesn’t help.

For about 5/6 months now, I’ve been considering a change to my prices and loathing even the thought of doings so.  I am so comfortable with them, they have a great uptake and happily seem to be in the sweet-spot of acceptance for those wishing to have their dogs inmortalised in paint forever.

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Sometimes new ideas spring from nowhere - Welcome to my 'Dog Ditties' (2/3 min read)

Last week I took my dog for a walk which culminated in George (another beautiful Cocker Spaniel) taking a bath in the muddiest puddle possible before having a good old shake in my car, all over clean 12 shirts waiting to be ironed.  My bad completely for leaving them in the car, but his good for giving me a idea.

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