What Happens in a Creative Art & Drawing Day? Here's a run-down of today's event.

So what actually happens in a Creative Art & Drawing Day?   Here is a short run-down of our event today.

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There were 15 of us - a big group you might think and you would be right  (there are valid reasons for this, which I’m happy to blog a post about soon).    Today was a fabulous workshop, new friendships were made, the home-made cakes were out of this world (provided for us by one of the amazing participants) and the introduction to drawing reignited creative sparks in everyone.

Our day began at 10am where we came together, settled in our places and took out all the art materials we had bought with us.

We began our workshop with a morning of fun exercises.  Each exercise is designed to get us thinking about drawing in a different way.  I LOVE doing these and practice them myself, in my studio in order to keep my drawings light and interesting - especially when I’ve had a period of time away from my drawing board - they get you right in the zone from the off and are crucially,  all-inclusive and suitable for everyone.

Each exercise lasted about 10 minutes and the morning flew.  All the exercises are light-hearted and pack a big message. By the time our coffee break came, everyonehad produced a good number of drawings already.

Coffee and cakes were seriously enjoyed (& devoured!)

What's a Creative Art & Drawing Day Like?  Here's a short run-down of today's event.  Samantha Barnes Artist, Bloom Creatively Blog

Back to drawing and group discussions about what we think makes a drawing interesting.  We visualised walking into a gallery and seeing the drawing of our dreams - and then we asked ourselves what it looked like?  This is time spent valuably. If we can picture what we love in our minds, our hands will follow.

Drawing is simply mark-making - the lines left by a pencil or drawing instrument onto paper or surface.  In order to make our lines interesting, we need to employ everything that our pencil can do. We spent a short time exploring the different lines and what a simple pencil can offer us.  

Next up was a short talk about how lines might convey emotions.  This is time well spent where we make drawings that suggest different feelings such as anger, love, joy, sorrow.  Again, if we can make connections between emotions and line, our drawings will be much more interesting (and beautiful too)

Everyone had bought their own lunch and we stopped for 30 minutes to eat up.

The afternoon session bought us a switch from drawing to either mono-printing or painting.

We arranged two big tables, one with a still life of flowers, the other as a printmaking bed.

After a short printmaking demonstration, each participant selected which table they wanted to be at for the remaining time of 1hr 30mins.  This FLEW! We began our afternoon session by looking at the drawings we made in the morning and applied some of the techniques into our afternoon work.

In a whizz of time, our time was up and we were drying our work and gathering up our stuff to leave.

Each participant left me a few lines anonymously telling me how they felt about our day, some of which you can read below.  This isn’t always comfortable as a workshop leader, but (I believe) essential so that I might make all my workshops the very best they can be.

Everyone left with lots of hugs and happy faces,  leaving their notes by the door.

Once back in my studio, the unloading of art materials finished, I sat down to read the notes some of which you can read below.

It was a lovely day.  

You can come & join us too.  Although the content and venues of my workshops for the year are not yet completed, the dates are (you can find them below). Each workshop is tailored to the time of year - for example, summer dates will be mainly working outside, in colder months, we will be trying new techniques such as collage, printmaking, all beginning with lashings of drawing exercises suitable for everyone.

Each event will be posted up on my WORKSHOPS page and more details can be found by emailing me directly at info@samanthabarnes.co.uk

A huge welcome awaits you.

Best wishes, Samantha

5 randomly-picked testimonials from today.

This was the first art day I have done when I have felt ‘moved on’.  Everyone encouraged to work to their strengths. Morning exercises were new to me and very useful.  Loved the relaxed atmosphere, thought the cost was so reasonable.

My friend invited me to your fun art class today.  I totally enjoyed the time with you and other people together drawing and painting.  I haven’t painted for more than half a century! I loved it today, thank you very much.

Having not got my brushes out for at least 7 or 8 years this has been a fabulous day.  I enjoyed the challenge of the first part to get going with what we could see - through the window and then drawing with our other hand.  I hope this will get me going again and exploring other techniques. Thanks Sam, very enjoyable and inspirational day.

Thoroughly enjoyable - enthusiastic and inclusive to all abilities.  Cost is good, happy to pay a little more.

Very good introduction to drawing,  I was doubtful before the start but lovely encouragement from Samantha.  I WILL set aside some time to just draw. I need to explore different media for colour next.

About Samantha:

Samantha Barnes Artist, BloomCreatively Blog

Sam Barnes has been a practising artist for 25 years. Throughout her career she has had her own gallery, worked with hundreds of artists in making and marketing their own works and exhibited her own extensively. Her work has been successfully published & licensed many times. Sam is passionate about artists, makers and creatives earning a decent living from what they do. Our world needs new and beautiful things and artists deserve liveable incomes. Those two things are possible.

Sam writes from her first hand experience and occasionally works 1:1 with others.

Here are some photo’s of our day.

What happens in a Creative Art and Drawing Day with Samantha Barnes?  Bloom Creatively Blog
What happens in a Creative Art & Drawing Day?  Samantha Barnes Bloom Creatively Blog
What happens in a Creative Art & Drawing Day?  Samantha Barnes, Bloom Creatively Blog
Creative Art & Drawing Day with Samantha Barnes, Bloom Creatively Blog
Bloom Creatively Art & Drawing Workshops 2019.  Samantha Barnes Artist