Why I Really Shouldn't Drink...

This weekend saw me partying.  A final summer shindig which was both brilliant fun and great for work too, the downside is the two-to-three day hangover, one of which I’m currently nursing.    Do you know when enough is enough?

Samantha Barnes is ipaintdogs.com

I don’t seem to have been fitted with this button.  Once every few months, I go on a blowout, a proper big one full of fizz and thankfully, no longer the fags but inevitably dancing will also occur.

I read a great article today by Dolly Alderton in which she speaks of her love of September.  She writes that the month of August for her is like having a wild friend visit for the month. A friend that cleans freezer out of vodka, makes her go to endless booze-laden barbecues and generally trashes the joint until she leaves again at the month's end.  Once September arrives, she is left to her shiny new notebooks and time to get back to plan once again.

In short, I agree.

Next week the children go back to school.  Regularity will once again become the norm.  My studio days will be 9am - 4pm with a dog walk to begin my day.  For the past 6 weeks, it’s been a few grabbed studio hours here and there which doesn’t offer me much in the way of continuity.  I’ll be back into listening to audiobooks, painting my dog portraits and who knows - I may even pick up my lapsed Couch to 5K running app (have been at week 3 for as long as I can remember).

We’ve had a great summer.  This weekend has seen me in my worst hangover state for months, worth it yes but very, very long periods of rest in between them.  I’m not a drinker, and when will I remember this?

Kahlil Gibran says that “our joy is our sorrow”  and boy is he right... everytime.

Happy new term everyone

Sam x