Would You Let Your Dog Go on HOLIDAY - without you? Feedback welcome

Would you let your dog go on holiday without you?  The Dog Garden & ipaintdogs.com

Today as I was walking Barney, I thought how lucky he was to have the freedom to run about and to have the interesting life that he has been gifted.  I was wondering about how I could offer this to more dogs, not only the ones that come to me daily for dog sitting.

My line of thought took me to holidays - beaches, long walks, country pubs and happily tired dogs, I then thought - I wonder if dog owners might let their dogs come on holiday WITHOUT them?   With us, on doggy orientated weekends away?

I like this idea.

My imagination started to think about collecting the dogs -  a dedicated doggy bus leaving from London perhaps?   With lots of pee stops and a first walk on the first leg of our journey, I wondered if this idea might actually have legs - lots of them (if you’ll excuse the intended pun)

On arrival at our destination, we would spend the weekend walking, running, socialising.  Getting wet, drying off, sleeping by an aga. Two days of sheer fun, only not with Mum or Dad, but with a registered home boarder (eg, me, with help of course)

I’d likely only take 4 or 5 dogs at any one time, enough to have group fun, but also the right number to give lots of 1:1 attention to.

I’ve no idea what I’d charge, where I’d go or how much it would cost per dog just yet, all that would need to be researched well.

At this stage - it’s all about feedback, so, over to you dear reader, I’d love your thoughts.

Would you let your dog go on holiday without you?

I’d love to know.

Sam x

Studio News:

The Dog Garden, Woodbridge, Home Boarding for Dogs in Suffolk

I am delighted to report that as of yesterday, I am a registered license home boarder for dogs with FOUR STARS (am rather proud of that one!)

Our family home and my ipaintdogs painting studio is open to your dog coming to stay with us. Should you fancy a break in Suffolk, bring your dog to stay with me!

Pop over to The Dog Garden page for more details.