Are You In A Pickle Financially? This will help.

Feast or famine? I feel your pain. Here is a book that has changed many lives, including mine.

Your Money or Your Life - Vikki Robins & Jo Dominguez

A start for you. No matter from where.

Samantha Barnes Artist, Your Money or Your Life Book by Vicki Robins & Jo Domingues

About 18 months ago I listened to audiobook ‘Your Money or Your Life’.  I enjoy listening to all sorts whilst painting in my studio and thought this book looked interesting.    It’s about money and our relationship with it. Not only about stocks and shares (not my bag at all) it’s about our man-hours, life energy.  

YMYL helps us to work out the proper number of pounds per hour that we exchange our bodies, minds and energy for.

Sounds daunting?  You bet.

An artist for nearly 30 years, my relationship with reward, payment for my services has been a meek one.  My pattern for decades was about chasing the commissions, battling cash-flow, making money last out to the last 10p.  Whilst this worked to a degree, I was after all still working and earning as an artist - two children later and a home to run, this way of earning didn’t feel fair, along with being exhausting.

I recognised that I needed to look inward at my own relationship with the green stuff.  Not beginning with Carl (my husband) or my children and a budget sheet, a deeper look and a personal one.

YMYL did this with me.

The book charts a Nine Step Programme.  

I began with the first two.  I’ll not go into them here, you can hop over to Vicki’s website and have a read yourself, better still purchase her book.  

What I wanted to do here in this post was talk about her main passion, establishing our own personal ‘enough’s.

In this book, I found something I could really hold onto, a base (establishing my enough) that I had lacked for years.  

Having had no education around money (it wasn’t a done thing now and thankfully schools are now teaching the basics) I had no solid ground.  I wanted to learn and over the years I made various attempts to do my own research and learning around money, but nothing stuck. I found no beginning as it were - no place to start.

Vicki Robins did this for me.

I’ll write more about this subject.  It’s still fairly new. The progress I made, we made as a family over the first two steps offered great strides.  

Making those two (about a year ago) felt great.  Perhaps the wider universe was listening too because when we had completed our two first steps, our life changed and enough money found us to pay off our debts.

Much as I know this sounds woo-woo, I can’t help but think our guardian angels had a helping hand.

Still, however it happened, listening to this book marked a change.

So now, it’s time to re-listen to the book and begin again, perhaps redoing step 2, perhaps just going into step-three, am not sure yet.

I’ll write about it in order to share.

If you could do with a proper financial revamp, I suggest you give this programme a listen or a read too.  You can find it below. Just to be clear, I am not affiliated, I get nothing if you choose to proceed with it, just the satisfaction of having shared something so valuable.

Much love, Sam x

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