Dear Artist.... Introducing A Blog Written For My Fellow Creatives

Hello Dear Artist.

This is for you.

I’ve enjoyed the response from my fellow solo makers which have told me how much they enjoy my blog entries, and they help in different ways. This is my wish. It’s a good way to exercise my thoughts about our shared career, work through them and extract the pearls of knowledge gained over a career spanning 20+ years.

Hearing some of your comments and feedback, I feel joy in my sharing. I hope you find value in my posts and if you would like advice on specific area’s, drop me an email to and I’d be happy to give it some thinking time and write up a post soon after.

Each Dear Artist entry is my personal letter to you as a creative. Whether you are a ceramicist, an underwater-basket-weaver, printmaker, jewellery maker or anything else where you work for yourself - or, perhaps you aren’t quite there yet but have a tiny-fire of ambition to be so, I welcome you to my blog, I’ve written it with you in mind.

Best wishes,


Dear Artist, A blog written for my fellow creatives by Samantha Barnes Artist

Thanks to Debbie Hudson for this photograph.