All About You - Read This.

Bang, we are in and now - over to you!  Already? Yup, this blog is all about you and your creative interests.  I’m happy to cover angles of business, making work, new projects and more so, dear artist…

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I can cover the beginning, the middle or er….hopefully I’m not at the end yet  (even nearly) so I can only offer you the now.  

I’ve got a list of things as long as my arm (and a wall of post-its) to bring you.  Subjects such as ‘Where Is Your Strength Todayand ‘What Art Materials Can I Use If I’m Skint’ as well as the larger stuff such as secondary careers, how to start with nada and frankly, how you might scale up your business and even how to get up and get working on a daily basis, when you’re feeling lower than a snake’s belly.  

But I’d love some feedback from you to make sure I’m on the right lines, to make sure I’m not banging on into the void, when I could be more use to you, answering your questions.

Fire me a question via the below tab, it can be anything - where do I get my prints made? How do I know so much about marketing and where do I learn? ANYTHING!

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Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash