How Can You Be In A Coffee Shop At Home? Welcome To The World Of Sound Apps.

How does background sound effect the way we work?  

If your next-door neighbours are converting their basement into a cinema room, I imagine this has a horrible effect on you - but leaving the extremes of the digger - what’s your regular listen as you work?   Golden silence, whistling, heavy metal or spoken word?

How can you be in a coffee shop at home?  Sound Apps.  Bloom Creatively blog by Samantha Barnes

Recently I’ve been reading about some great sound apps designed specifically for people that work alone (there are gazillions of us now).

Coffivity is a one of these.  This platform offers us different sounds directly from certain situations.  You can choose to listen to a Morning Murmer’ in a coffee shop, to get your day started, then hop over to ‘University Undertones’ for a more scholarly sound as you work.  All happening around you, delivered only through your earphones.  

During these listens, you get to hear gentle talking and movement of others, gently swaying you into work.

I applaud the developers range in thinking.   

Working alone, doesn’t have to mean working in silence.    Personally, silence does me no favours - I think too much, ask myself questions that don’t really need to be asked -  my inner critic finds silence a good time to run riot. (you can read more about your inner-critic here)

Music, of course, is popular.  My problem comes when the tunes I’m listening to come to an end, then I get caught in a fuluffle about what to listen to next.  Spotify helps here but listening to a pre-made playlist. It’s easy, sign up and have a go. You can listen to ANY sort of music, the options are endless - classical, grunge, whale-music - it’s up to you.

I’ve promised myself  to a coffee-shop listen in my studio this week, I’ll let you know how I get on, any major breakthroughs you will be the first to know!

What do you have on in the background when working?  I’d LOVE to know.


Thanks to Rod Long of Unsplash for this photograph.