Exactly What IS Creativity?

What is Creativity?  What does it actually mean?  Let’s do a 101 on it.

Let’s imagine that you are marooned on an island, no one else is nearby, you are alone.  You need to eat, you need warmth and you need shelter to survive. In order to make those things happen, you are forced to use your creativity.

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You need shelter.  Where are you going to find the branches from?  How are you going to cut them down? What are you going to sleep on? You look around you and find you are looking at things in a different way – that different way is your inherent creativity.

As children, we learn the world around us through play.  Play helps us to figure out the world – what happens when I do this?  Eat that, pick up this?  Play is creativity.  As we grow through childhood into adolescence, we learn new ways and forget the old in order to add to personal our book of knowledge.

In short, creativity means original thinking.  

Thinking differently, doing different things for no reason at all offers us new experiences.  New experiences lead to new discoveries.  New discoveries lead to new developments, new developments mixed with new experiences offer us new ways of thinking.  

This new way might be as simple as walking a different way to work.  Your new route might show you a new shop, that new shop might have a yellow hat in the window.  You buy the yellow hat and join a yellow-hat club?! Walking that new route has offered you something, the yellow hat club may lead you to attending all sorts of new events and things to get involved in.  

You used your creativity in choosing to walk that different route.

We can make conscious decisions to do things differently.  

Our workplaces delight in creative thinking, tell your boss you are going to be thinking more creatively from now on and she/he will be delighted.

Thinking (even slightly) differently = creative thinking.  

Next up:  innovation.  Creativity’s sister.

I refer you this cracking book by Rod Judkins, it’s a great read.

Rod Judkins, The Art of Creative Thinking.  Bloom Creatively Blog by Samantha Barnes

Thank you for this Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash