'Orford' Large Original Painting on Canvas
from 1,100.00

This is a large painting of Orford in Suffolk.

Currently unfinished & untitled, but underway. This painting is large at 100 x 100cm (1m x 1m) on a deep box canvas.

It is painted in Oil & Acrylic Paints.

I’ve been drawing in Orford for a while, particularly on Sunday mornings when the place comes into life at about 9.45am, because the gorgeous Pump Street Bakery opens at 10am. The promise of their beautifully made breads, sustainable coffees and homemade pastries is way too much for any walker or visitor to this lovely town to miss up on.

I’m enamoured by Orford, the story of Coastal erosion with is currently threatening the beautiful lighthouse on the Ness, the wartime history of the spit of land sitting opposite the coast is both haunting and enchanting at the same time.

As you read earlier, this big painting isn’t finished yet. Clients have expressed interest to see my works as they happen, not only when finished. This gives you a chance to peer in to works on the easel. A painting such as this one might take a year or many months to complete. Time left on the studio floor or hanging in my house is time for it to rest - whilst I work on other things around it. A process many artists use to refine, tweak, change, add to - remove and enjoy their work before it becomes sold and moves on.


Earlier this year I had a beautiful frame made from Pallet Wood which looked lovely (if I do say so myself) with the painting it was holding. It was a wonderful fit, to frame in wood that is naturally distressed, used and given new life to. Sustainable yes, beautiful - absolutely.

I am keen to frame this painting in the same way.

In the ‘other information’ section you will see photographs of the frame I am talking about.

Reworking pallet wood into frames doesn’t come cheap, but it does work beautifully. I have added the option to purchase this painting framed if you are willing to trust me.

Purchasing This Work

This is a big painting, bigger too if framed. I’m in no hurry to rush it and wish for it to be a stunning as I can possibly make it - without it looking too worked (if that makes sense?!) This takes time. If you are interested in discussing the possibility of purchasing it, feel free to email me to chat about time lines. I am envisaging it being ready to leave my studio in early Spring 2020. My email is info@samanthabarnes.co.uk I’ll need to remind you of the first-come-first-served method I work to.

Shipping of this painting can be arranged worldwide at additional cost to you.

Thank you for reading about this painting.